Alienware Challenge winner!

It’s been a long and exciting journey and after seven weeks of travelling, blogging and crossing Europe we have reached the conclusion of the Alienware Backpacking Challenge. The time has come to announce the winner. Who will walk away with $5,000 and an Alienware M11x?


I’m so fucking happy!

But to get to the real reason i’m posting this blog, it’s not to post news that I won (since most of you probably saw the spam on facebook anyway) but because I have been reading the comments on the other websites about it. People don’t seem to be very happy for me.

Just to let you all know, I actually came THIRD in the public poll. So to everyone who says that people just voted for me because i’m a girl (followed by “I don’t understand why because she’s so ugly anyway”), they actually didn’t vote as much as you think.

While people were all saying that I had an unfair advantage to start with (by being female) I actually felt like I was at a disadvantage. People were rooting against me to start off with BECAUSE I was female. I only had the support of my close friends in the beginning and I feel like I had to work TWICE as hard to win over the general public just to show that I am capable of being more than just… a female face.

I am happy that I still won even if I did come third in the final poll because it shows that Alienware was happy with my performance. This means that there was some kind of judgement and moderation of all the work done over the past 8 weeks and I was found to be the best. That’s the bottom line!

Alienware Challenge website



  1. TroubleGirl says:

    Congrats! You deserved it, no matter what other peeps say.

  2. Philip says:

    I feel like I’m missing something obvious, haha. What was the competition or rather, what was this for? I realize it’s something to do with alienware, but what exactly?

    The link to the website is down.

    Grats though.

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