Alienware Starcraft II Diorama Contest

Voting has started for the Alienware Starcraft II Dioramas and as a special favour, I’d like to ask you all to vote for Soe Gschwind-Penski’s! Not only is Soe the super cute commentator for, she has made many drawings, models and papercrafts of our favourite video game characters.

2gd, Soe and day9

I guess like the Backpacking Challenge, voting gets you in some kind of raffle to win some Alienware goodies…. and boy those laptops are sweeeeeeet! (I’m posting this from my M11x right now, hehe!)

Anyway, this is her diorama which was made in 2 days:

Unlike some other contestants, this was made for the contest and not prior to it. Sadly, i’ve seen some of the stuff before this on other forums so those of you who used old material – shame on you!!!!

Anyway, vote here. Soe’s is 2nd to last 🙂

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