Beware of RSI!

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a disorder which has been around for a long time. Sports stars get it, assembly line workers get it and even pianists and guitar players were known to suffer from it. Recently, RSI has become more well-known amongst computer users. It is a subject that I am very concerned about because I suffer from it mildly.

I have written an extensive article about RSI and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read it because I know some people (especially gamers) who do start to show symptoms of it and don’t do anything about it! Click here to read the article.



 Before I left for Paris for the ESWC finals I also wrote an article about the history of Versailles. Go on, read it here!


  1. kAi^ says:

    wow .. really great article that exercise i cant even do 10 times with my mouse hand its fucking fucked , my keyboard hand is fine its at a good angle but my mouse arm is reachin out cus my pad is too big n just feels wierd to have it at the same level as my keyboard,ill keep on doing these exercises n hope i ent got it 🙁 i dont know what i would do without quake tbh

  2. admin says:

    Ahh yeah be careful. Don't forget to rest your hand if you ever get pain in it! My mouse hand is fine but I have troubles with my keyboard hand 🙁

  3. kAi^ says:

    ahah yeah 😀 the trouble i get is i play with my mouse like on a higher level than my keyboard so it feels so diff to put my mouse on a lower level =//

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