eSports at the Olympic Games?

There is currently a petition being circulated in an attempt to get gaming in the Olympic games. Gaming as in eSports. Olympics as in the thing with athletics. Dubbed the “Torch for Gaming”, the manifesto on their website
takes the Olympic philosophies and puts them… well… out of context.

I just don’t see it happening, for the following reasons:

1. eSports is mental rather than physical. It is likened to chess rather than any physical sport
2. The Olympics have enough sports as it is. They had to start before the opening ceremony and recently added BMX or something. I can’t see how they will have the time to include gaming
3. Would it be a winter event or summer? I’d lean towards winter.
4. Who would decide what game(s) would be played?
5. Ice dancing, synchronised swimming and curling are all more physical than gaming.

However, the petition has received 3,700+ signatures to date (and I guess it has been around since the beginning of August, since that’s when their Twitter account first had activity). So perhaps I’m wrong. After all, Warcraft III pros (at the time) Sky and Moon did carry the Olympic torch for the Beijing 2008 Olympic games.

Who is behind such a thing? A company called Gamer Institute. They sell League of Legends and Starcraft II lessons.

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  1. Not only them (sky/moon), I also got to carry the Olympic flame, at London2012 Olympics, partly due to my efforts in gaming, although in my story some other things factored in.
    However I do not see gaming making the Olympics aswell, I tried to promote it as much as I could, but the people in charge are not too open minded for such a thing, and tbh, rightfully so, for the arguments you yourselve mentioned. But let’s hope there can be a big podium for gaming in the future, not nessesarily at the Olympics ofcourse.

  2. AngriestCat says:

    Instead of trying to get into standart olympics they should just make eSport olympics, smth like wcg, but with all countries sending their best, instead of continents like it is now. Omg now as i think than you would need some national burocracy to support the esports etc blah blah i think its good as it is.

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