ESWC interviews

While at the ESWC tournament in Paris for the Alienware Backpacking Challenge, I have managed to very quickly interview some of the players there. If you like my adventures there and the content I give, please be so kind as to vote for me.

Without further ado, here are the interviews.


Justin Wong:


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  1. Inane says:

    Rapha seems so unnerved. :X
    I hope you’re having fun out there Liefje!

  2. Mike says:

    ik vroeg me al zo vaak af wie Livia in mijn Linked In nu toch was. Goed om je samen met Matt op deze leuke trip te zien en geweldige site

  3. BJB says:

    to me the matches looked so yeah, like they just played for fun, I mean it wasn’t even much of a progression on things going on there, one time one guy wins the maps 2-0 then when they play 2nd time he loses against the same player with 0-2, also most of the matches ended up with map scores 2-0 wtf
    wonder if players will finally get their money, else you should put up a new banner: don’t be foolled by the new eswc

  4. Liefje says:

    Thanks mike!

    and yeah BJB, im curious to see how the prizemoney pans out.

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