Gamer Hero takes a bullet

Normally, gamers get the shit end of the stick in the mainstream media. Causality of violent behaviour in real life is often attributed to virtual violence, most recently with the Grand Theft Auto series deemed to encourage rioters in their abhorrent behaviour. The second most common appearance of gamers in the mainstream media feature negligent parents whose children die due to them spending long hours in internet cafés.

This time, a gamer has saved a life, not taken it.

This past Sunday twenty-four year old Adam Mapleson rushed to the aid of a female security guard outside a railway station in Essex England, who was being robbed at gunpoint by two mask-wearing thugs, taking a bullet to the chest in the process. Now in stable condition at a local hospital, police are calling the young man a hero.

From the interests listed on his MySpace page (black metal, CS, GTA etc) he certainly does not fit the mainstream MO of a hero. However, there may be many gamers doing saintly things on a daily basis that we don’t know about! Do you have any stories of your own personal gamer “heros”?



  1. eagle says:

    A hero perhaps but a foolish one with it. You shouldn't 'rush' into an armed robbery if you value your life and that of those around you.

  2. Tech84 says:

    Brave but foolish, commendable? hell yes!

  3. "You shouldn’t ‘rush’ into an armed robbery if you value your life and that of those around you"
    maybe he is augmented

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