Gaming can be good for you

Since I rant on about it pretty often enough, I wonder if there are some of you left that still have the impression that gaming isn’t particularly good for you? Due to sensationalist media headlines (like this) we’ve all been led to believe it, but it’s not entirely true. For every reason we are given for gaming being bad for you, there is also a positive to go alongside it. The following is a sponsored message.

Studies that have looked at adult gamers have come up with some very interesting results. Basically gaming can be extremely beneficial. You can find most of the research mentioned here.

Action based games – People who play action-based video and computer games tend to make decisions 25% faster than the average non-gamer. And the decision is no less accurate either. Dedicated gamers can concentrate on six things at once, without getting confused. A significant comparison to non-gamers who can only concentrate on four.

Women – Women who play games a lot are more able to mentally manipulate a 3D object than females who are not gamers. This is a skill that is normally more associated with men. When you consider that 42% of women are gamers, there are 58% of women losing out on an extra skill.

Coordination – Studies have also found that gamers on average have better hand-eye coordination than non-gamers. Not to mention they have better perception and reaction times when in certain situations like driving or playing sports.

Health – Consoles have been including games that allow the player to move for years now. The PlayStation 2 first introduced their dance matt games back in the early noughties, and now Wii has the Wii Fit and the Xbox has the Kinect technology to carry on the trend of exercising, helping players keep fit and trimmer.

Gaming certainly doesn’t have as many bad traits as we’ve been led to believe over the years, that’s for sure.

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  1. Amy Vazquez says:

    The study, carried out by Doritos, found that while 50 per cent of men readily admit to frequent online gaming, a surprising 49 per cent of women confess that they too are addicted to Internet games.

    • Liefje says:

      Sounds legit 😀 But really, often the demographics show that women play just as much as men, but different kinds of games 🙂

  2. 12. Another report suggested that women gamers demand more character depth from games. Do you think rich characterisation is important?

    • Liefje says:

      It’s very subjective. It really depends on the game. For example, I don’t expect any character development (and if there is one, i’ll usually skip it) in multi-player FPS games. I just wanna get on the server and play against people. But with lets say, an RPG, then of course characterization becomes important. If women want games with character depth, there are many which exist, it does not need to be demanded from all new games.

  3. Looking back at an earlier PA Report , data from video game research and consulting firm EEDAR showed that, from a sample of 669 current-gen games which had protagonists of a specific gender, only 24 of these were exclusively fronted by women.

  4. Tracy Rice says:

    I tend to be very graphic in my descriptions of gore and death, so much so I’ve made a player ill before. As far as sexual situations in the games, I’ve learned after 25 years with the same group that the more “mature” the subject matter is, the less mature they’re going to act. And I’ve seen this in the few groups I’ve played in outside my own. I finally had to look one of my long time players in the eye once and tell him that if he asked me to describe in detail the genitalia of the prostitute he bought one more time I’d ask him to leave the group. Granted, to my knowledge the guy has only ever been with one woman one time in his 44 years on Earth, but it’s not my place to let him live that particular part of fantasy gaming vicariously.

  5. Me says:

    Wow very good read !

  6. Intention of thread This thread is intended to provide a place to have an adult discussion of negative stereotypes of women in gaming, and women’s experience in gaming. Including Anita Sarkeesian’s tropes vs. women videos, sexist and threatening text/voice chat, and personal interaction with male gamers.

  7. L. Rhodes at Polygon says sequels are sometimes good for gamers. He also wrote about how copyright law pertains to Super Mario Brothers and video games in general for Medium.

  8. Are the days of the traditional gaming console numbered? That’s the tricky question right now worrying a once mighty industry.In the six years since the world last saw any living room gaming hardware launched, the iPhone, iPad and Android have all arrived to usher in a cheaper, quicker and easier way to play games.But while the next generation trio – the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii – went on to sell a total of more than 200m devices around the globe, experts are divided as to whether such giant success can be repeated with a new round of console hardware.

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