Gaming movies

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In 2006 I was writing for a gaming website and also created video content with Alana “Ms.X” Reid for it. Below you can find all our old videos made for the website and some personal ones I made too. Most of these videos are around 5 minutes long unless otherwise indicated. Just click the image to view the video.

QuakeCon 2006 movie (download only) 30 minutes of fun, 300 meg.

DreamHack Summer
DreamHack Summer movie where the WSVG Sweden tournament was held (download only). Includes interviews with the fnatic Quake 4 team and Counter-Strike rockstars Les Seules. 30 Minutes long.

CPL Nordic 1
CPL Nordic tournament footage and professional gamers being funny.

CPL Nordic 2
CPL Nordic tournament part 2!

Cooller Interviewed at E3
Ms.X interviewing Russian Quake playstar Anton “Cooller” Singov at E3 2006 in Los Angeles.

Leeroy Jenkins interview
Me interviewing World of Warcraft star Leeroy Jenkins at E3 2006 in Los Angeles.

girlz 0f destruction at Santa Monica
Ms.X and I on our trip to Santa Monica (right before I got my first tattoo… eek!).

Digital Life part 1
Digital Life expo in New York City 2006.

Digital Life part 2
Digital Life expo in New York City 2006.

Digital Life comic
A collection of pictures from the Digital Life event in comic book form.

ProZaC interviewed at CPL Nordic
Interviewing Quake 3 legend Sajruz “ProZaC” Malekani at CPL Nordic.

UT2004 frag movie
My attempt at a UT2004 frag movie. Very short, very shit.