Gaming on your boobs!

I love how someone, somewhere is so keen on iconic video game characters that basically anything featuring them will be made. Well the latest comes from a French burlesque stripper who has created nipple pasties in the shape of the Super Mario power-up mushroom, Pacman and the ghost Blinky.

These are more cool than sexy though, but perhaps it could be paving the way for a new trend of gaming-themed strippers. Hell yes… i’d take a buff Link stripper over a cop or a fireman. Or the prince from Prince of Persia. Or Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2. Or even Mario!

They won’t even need to get inventive for the music, it would be wrong to undress to anything but the game music! Someone start this business already!!

Would you guys like to pay ladies to strip off a french maid outfit… or a Lara Croft one? (LOL)

Oh I got so excited thinking about that, I forgot to include the prices. These pasties will set you back about €30 – 40, but you can also get custom ones for around €60.

Click here to visit Lady Tornade.

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  1. BJB says:

    2GD they didn't put hungry pacman in the 'wrong' places

    talking abt ladies stripping off, I'd wanna see one stripping off from Metal Mutant costume, oh the surprise

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