Gigabyte screws Gaming Girls

Some of you may remember when I made a post about Fox and trito coming to visit in Cologne, where I had asked for votes for trito for the gigabyte gaming girl contest. No? Well then you probably remember the boobs journal I made about it on ESR.

While some may not agree with the misleading trap I set for potential voters, the competition was basically an online popularity contest and i’m pretty sure that trito did deserve all those votes as she was clearly the most seasoned professional of the bunch.


The prize for the regional winners was supposed to be some hardware from GIGABYTE. Voting was supposed to end by the end of July or August, but we’re well into November now and the website hasn’t changed at all. No information has been given to the “winners” and no further information on the website has been released. Furthermore, there was also supposed to be a second round of voting, with each winner from each region to become the ultimate gaming girl… or something.

I know that economic times are tough but if they wanted to pull a marketing stunt like this at least they should keep people updated. Apparently they are not responding to emails from the contestants themselves either. Shady!

Link: GIGABYTE Gaming Girl website.

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