girlz 0f destruction

In 2003 I joined an all female computer gaming team called girlz 0f destruction, who had been established since 2001. Since then, we’ve been competing at events worldwide under corporate sponsorship, and also have been living in a gaming house in Stockholm, Sweden for the past year. I’ve had an amazing time with these girls and we love our gaming. We mostly play first person shooters, such as the Quake series, Unreal Tournament series, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Counterstrike, Doom, Painkiller and so on.

g0d at QuakeCon

Our team consists of 10 members located all over the world. We are known to be among the top female players in the world. Our specialty? One versus one baby!

Photoshoot in San Francisco

Some of the tournaments and leagues we have competed in in 2006 have been: