Guy ditches wife in labour to play WoW

I found this funny video today, about a girl who went on ‘Tyra’ to seek help for her husbands World of Warcraft “addiction”:

I’d like to point out that the APA has rejected to add “video game addiction” to the new DSM in 2012 (unless further research permits it). It looks like this guy is just escaping his situation through WoW… that or he’s gettin some serious loot in those raids.. (is that what it’s called? hah).

All these documentaries looking at gaming in a very bad light are becoming an increasing issue, because people are starting to believe them. With these “video game addiction clinics” opening up and stories like this one being aired, it’s really no wonder that people really believe gaming is a serious addiction, perhaps instead of looking at the underlying problems (if any) that may cause someone to want to play games for hours a day.

To couple video gaming with a word like “addiction” always puts a negative spin on it, because anything you can get “addicted” to can’t be good for you, right?

Despite this guy being a tool for ditching his wife in labour, it did sound like he made it back in time for the birth!

If you want to know more about the popularity of the game World of Warcraft, check out the infographic below:

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