Happy New Year!

I know I’m almost 2 weeks late but my site has been pretty neglected since I started University and i’d like to apologize for that. It’s been a pretty sour 2011 so far!! We got plonked right back into the swing of things at school after 2 short weeks off, and next week exams start. For people at IBCoM, have study notes up by the end of the week.

The holidays were filled with a lot of sleeping and eating. In the picture, i’m eating an amandel ring, it’s only sold at Christmas time here and it’s pastry filled with crushed almond. I’ve eaten 3 these holidays 🙁

December in the Netherlands is really awesome. We had a lot of snow that month and I was getting ready to go ice skating! Unfortunately, it didn’t stay cold long enough and everything melted before the ice was ready to skate on. They have something called Sinterklaas which led to eating a shitload of chocolate letter “L”s (and M’s too, but don’t tell Mike! heheh) and other yummy sweeties. I really wanted to celebrate it but I heard it’s mainly for children. Sad.

Because i’m becoming a fat bitch, this year I’ve started something new: hip hop dance class! Larissa and I go there once a week and we are totally lame right now. But it is a lot of fun and hopefully by the time I graduate, i’ll actually be able to bust a move. As far as gaming goes, I don’t really have the time for it. I’ll come on to play a little bit of Quake Live here and there, but I can’t maintain any kind of “skill”. I played Fallout New Vegas at the end of last year and it was really awesome, but it also took too much time and I never finished it.

The best thing about this year? Diablo 3 is coming!! I was just whining about not having enough time for gaming but dammit, i’m gonna make sure i’ve got time for this one. If I have to sit in the library every day to finish all my reading and homework, I will!! I LOVE YOU DIABLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……..

As far as new years resolutions go, i’ve only got one: to actually take pictures of the stuff that I do (and to pull weird faces in them). That’s it. Happy 2011 everyone, I hope this year is amazing for you!! 🙂

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  1. Rick says:

    ah come on liv dont put that kinda mingin foto up hahahah

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