Interview with PURRI and Damiah

As part of a Quake Live team deathmatch (TDM) interview series, this time “Nukm” decided to go with a couple of Quake 2 legends; Mikael “PURRI” Tarvainen and Jarkko “Damiah” Liukkonen. The two who are normal rivals in Quake 2 duelling finals have teamed up together to form part of “Xenotorium”. This Finnish Quake Live TDM team is making a name for themselves,coming very close (like 3 frags difference) to toppling 4Kings in the CB group stage games.

Team Sweden at the ENC Finals in Cologne, 2010


You have already played tournament favourite 4K in the EC and lost by only a few frags on both Maps. Did you expect the match to be so close? And did this result give you confidence or frustration?
I was very frustrated afterwards. It felt like such a waste from our side. I claim that our inexperience (How can you call a team inexperienced when we have more than 40 years of TDM in our lineup!!) did cost us the game. What I mean is that this particular game felt like ours to win, and to take. In particular the 2nd map where it felt that we were controlling the tempo and items/quad from start until last 2 quads. I think we were worthy to play a 3rd map. However we did not, and 4K won fair and square! I have to say they are a good team, and their caliber will never be easy to beat no matter what lineup you have! There is some good news though. I don’t know from 4K’s side, but I know for sure we could have had a better lineup and we have practised a lot since then. So they will have to play better next game to win, since we will and I’m looking forward to it myself already! Bring it plz!

Damiah: To be honest before the game I didnt expect much, but after the game I thought that we should have won it. Even that we were underdogs before the match it was really annoying to lose it like that ?
I think we have really good potential if we are just able to use it.

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