Life lessons from nerdy gamers

It’s not often that people outside of the competitive gaming world open their minds to gaming and what it may bring to life. A 54-year-old woman with a Ph.D. in metaphysics and a MA in religious studies has decided to “learn from her kids”, one of which happens to be a gamer – a Day9 fan!

One day, he let his mother watch the 100th episode and from that, she decided to write an article about it.

As I listened to Sean, and as I watched my son game, it was always clear to me that the label of gamer was highly deficient. These kids are students of life. They are practicing life in a highly evolved and fast-paced world. Real life moves too slow mostly because of the ridiculous beliefs that the adults in their life call rules and reality. Sean described the skill set of a pro gamer as having the “mind of a chess master and the dexterity of a musician.” Now where can they learn that in school—maybe practicing their cursive writing, a completely obsolete skill, or learning the beginning and ending dates of some ridiculous war that people had no business fighting anyway. Most modern education is about memorizing and passing tests. It is about creating conformists that blindly obey authority figures. Sean jokes that it is a world of “all A’s for everyone.” But the gaming world is real and fair. You don’t win because your mother has connections. You don’t lose because a judge made some biased decision. You don’t get respect because you are older or have an advanced degree. You get respect because you won. And, you won because you deserved to win.

The whole article is totally awesome. Click here to read it now!

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  1. Liefje says:

    Amazing stuff! Makes me wanna buy SC2 tbh 😀

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