lol @ google analytics

Most people with a website today use google analytics to keep track of their traffic, stats etc etc. For a long time, I have been battling with google users for the top search terms that bring them to my site.

The reason this battle started was because once upon a time I wrote a blog about “Hairy German girls”. This blog of course had to do with the funny fact that in Germany they sell womens deodorant with razor blades, which led me to the obvious conclusion that German girls must be hairy. Of course since this is the internet, the main keywords that brought people to Hello Liefje were people searching for “hairy german girls” or “hairy women”.

Today I would like to triumphantly say that the trend has been broken!

Hairy women have been knocked off their throne by people who also hate Heros of Newerth!! Wooohoo!! There are more gamers than people with hairy women fetishes now reading my website. Congratulations!

But the internet always delivers and of course the 2nd most common search term was Jonah Falcon, the man with the worlds largest penis. But the first one is non-sexual, so that’s a win for me!

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