In the media

Over the years I have attracted a little media attention not just through the gaming house but through other gaming achievements too, especially CGS. Some of the interviews were done as a team, others are solo.



Xtreme Gaming Xperience – Liefje In the Spotlight – Liefje gör en Larsson
Ripten TV
– Professional gamer Livia “Liefje” Teernstra (video)
The Championship Gaming Series – Liefje: Hot as Fire article
Pre Semifinal – Video Interview
Pre EU Final – Video Interview for Berlin
The Championship Gaming Series – Pro Gamer: Livia “Liefje” Teernstra
The Championship Gaming Series – Interview / article with myself and my Berlin Allianz teammate Rudolf “THE TACTICAL” Fischer
StacK’D – Player spotlight interview with a New Zealand gaming e-magazine
HEXUS -Press about the CGS
Gotfrag – Interview with Rudolf about CGS and DoA4


Epileptic Gaming – Live webshow one week before the ’07 CGS World Finals (video)
The Championship Gaming Series – Interview about Dead or Alive 4 before the ’07 World Finals
Rakaka – Interview about the upcoming CGS 2007 draft (video)
Meet Your Makers – Video interview about the upcoming Pro Gam3r magazine I am writing for (July ’07)
mTw – Interview about the closure of the gaming house (english/german)
Gaming Junky – Goddesses of PC 1v1; team history and acomplishments


CBS Dallas – Live TV interview on their morning show
Cybersport magazine – Magazine page; interviewed me about DreamHack Winter 2005 (Russian)
Geek Entertainment TV – Video interview; Kicking ass with the top Quake 4 players
Gaming Angels – Website interview; Life as a female gamer
ZoneRank – On Female Gaming; Interview about life as a female gamer
Clanbase – On the Home of Chrome

This page will be constantly updated. Look for the newer interviews at the top of the list 🙂