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The beginning of the 2011 – 2012 school year is coming closer and for the event, I’ve decided to update the look of Things are still a bit under construction so if you encounter any errors, please let me know. Furthermore, there was an issue with the previous theme that people using ie9 would have some kind of “virus error” as soon as opening the page. Hopefully this should also be fixed. If you are still getting it, please let me know.

Also since it’s summer holidays now, I’m trying not to let my brain fall asleep. Therefore, it’s my goal for the next month to post and comment on various areas of interest: including new gadgets, some stuff about gaming and of course science. Since this website won’t be strictly gaming any more, it probably doesn’t need an RSS feed on eSports Press but hopefully most of my readers will continue to enjoy the type of content i’ll be posting in the future.

Speaking of gaming, the last trip which I took was to DreamHack Summer in Jönköping a few weeks ago. It was fantastic to see all the old Quakers from over the years, as well as new friends too! Above you can see Videl (g0d’s latest addition) and I a little upset over the drinks situation at the LAN. We were just having a bit of fun ^^. It was a really nice idea that Telia had, where you could create your own “fan sign” for your favourite player at DreamHack.

QuakeCon is just around the corner and I wish I could go there also but sponsorship in Quake is pretty scarce right now, where even top players like Strenx and Spart1e have to seek out sponsorship (In case you missed it, they left fnatic). Thus, Quake is pretty dead in the sponsor department so I can’t make it to QuakeCon but certainly I’ll be watching and cheering from home, especially for the TDM players!

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