Nice try PornHub

Earlier this week, PornHub tried to raise awareness for breast cancer by giving out free breast exams in New York City on board a ‘boob bus’. Why? Because “PornHub cares about your greatest assets”.

Porn star Bree Olson did her part to save breasts by promoting the campaign along with her leather-clad Boob Bus Nurse Brigade. A plastic surgeon was on board for free breast exams as well as educating women on performing self-checks at home.

Apparently, plastic surgeons were the doctors giving the checks because they play an important role after a women has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As sweet as the intentions of the porn-peddler may be, I wouldn’t trust getting on a Porn Hub sponsored bus to get my boobs examined by plastic surgeons. I’d be afraid that I would really be getting on the bang bus with some doctor dressup.

That or, in the first place, you’re confronted by ample-busted Bree Olson followed by speaking to a plastic surgeon about your breasts. I don’t know if it worked, but I guess a lot of women who dared enter wouldn’t be feeling too confident about themselves and conveniently can speak directly to a plastic surgeon. Boob jobs aren’t uncommon, so maybe PH succeeded in increasing the average cup size of NYC.

On the surface, it seems to be a win-win situation for both boob lovers and boob owners. But it should be noted that implants are thought to make the detection of breast cancer more difficult, and thus one should be extra cautious if you do decide to pick up some new boobs after a visit to the boob bus. That and there might be hidden cameras.

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