NZ: The little nation that could

When New Zealand played their final match in the World Cup yesterday, many people were disappointed that they didn’t make it through the group. Why? Not me. I couldn’t be more proud of the All Whites and their first World Cup performance since 1982. Yes, I wasn’t even born to see the last time they played in the World Cup.

New Zealand went undefeated in their group and that was a result that nobody expected. Nobody even expected New Zealand to be able to score a goal! They went above and beyond, firstly by scoring a goal their very first WC game, then tying with the defending world champions the next game!

Furthermore, something which I must add:
Group F results
1st: Paraguay (5 points)
2nd: Slovakia (4 points)
3rd: New Zealand (3 points)
4th: Italy (2 points)

…I’m just sayin’.

New Zealand, the small nation down under with around 4 million people, 25 professional football players (in comparison with a country like Italy with something like 3000 professional footballers) went undefeated in the World Cup 2010. WELL DONE!!!!

Now that NZ is out I will be cheering for the Netherlands. Hup Holland hup!!!

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