Relocation to Rotterdam

First of all i’d like to issue a huge apology on the lack of updates of my website recently. This has been due to a relocation from Cologne (Köln), Germany to Rotterdam, Netherlands. I haven’t had internet for over a week (although 1 week connection time for internet is GREAT… I had to wait 5 weeks for that in Germany!) but now i’m back. So a big “sorry about that” and I promise to get back on track as soon as possible. This also includes commentating some more zotac and g-data cups 🙂

So just to write something a little more personal since I haven’t in a while, i’ll just tell you a little bit about moving. Everyone basically wonders why we moved since we were working very hard at a company in Germany which was in the eSports industry. Unfortunately the company and us decided to go in separate directions and while we both loved Germany Köln, it was too difficult to get work without being fluent in German. So we went to the Netherlands for me to study and PURRI to work.

Moving was a lot of work as usual but now PURRI and I feel comfortable in our new home. We had a lot of help from a local Quake player (drk), it’s really nice how through gaming we’ve been able to get to know people from all over the world. Our flat is almost complete now, we had to do a lot of work like installing new floors, sterilization of the bathroom and painting over the imaginary shotgun stains (just joking).

It’s perfect timing just before the world cup. Things look really festive with orange flags everywhere. It’s a little bit of an assault on the eyes as soon as you enter any supermarket 🙂 I always like to remind PURRI that NZ are qualified but not Sweden, hehe. But of course we must cheer for Holland. With all the promotions going on, it’s almost impossible that you don’t have a little bit of orange somewhere from something 😉

So far it’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to spending the summer here! This is a dog sniping from a 3rd floor window:

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  1. BJB says:

    I think the dog is trapped in the window
    someone save the poor dog =/

  2. eagle says:

    Welcome to the 010!
    Where/what will you be studying?

  3. Liefje says:

    010! LOL! I want to study Media and Communications, hoping to becoming a journalist 🙂

    BJB: nahh hes just keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, watchdog style.

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