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I hate that this documentary exists. This is just more fuel to the fire. This whole gender thing actually has little to do with gaming and more to do with the fact that prejudices and social stratification exist in the western world. Just that now with the connectivity afforded through gaming, we can keep track of all the bs that people say. All in all, this will make gamers as a whole look like immature twats.

These interviewees from the trailer, like many females that are in gaming, forget that these messages are coming mostly from KIDS. They talk about Xbox and show Xbox Live (xbl) msgs. Actually, you could make this whole documentary about being BLACK. Xbl is rife with racial slurs (how many times do people bust the ‘n’ word on xbl?) Further, there are very few black pro-gamers. Therefore, they too are in the minority along with women.

In any profession as a female (popstar, actress, WHATEVER) that puts you in the limelight, there are gonna be people saying either mean or derogatory shit to you. There’s that skit on Jimmy Kimmel where they read the meanest tweets to celebs and it’s the SAME shit (even to guys too):

Furthermore, the documentary seems to focus on tournaments only (as the footage is just from expos) which is where only a SMALL percentage of gaming females are to be found. And at tournaments, that is where you meet the NICEST gamers in general. Those are where you build bonds with people over similar hobbies and gender doesn’t matter (at least, with the crowds I hung with :D). So, on top of making regular gamers look like cunts, they’ll bunch in the professionals as well, all so that these girls can get their “stories” heard (by the way, WHO THE FUCK complains about being called hot?).

There has only been ONE time when I felt some shit get out of hand at a tournament (forceful sexual behaviour), and that was because the dude who was behind it was just a fucking dumbass kid with way too much money, getting too big for his boots. You find assholes like this everywhere.

Basically, a lot of these pro gamer chicks probably get shit because some people feel that they are unjustly sponsored (they are pretty, but not as good as some of their male counterparts). I know that my gender was a gimmick that got me a spot in CGS, I never denied it but I also wanted to prove so bad that I deserved it, so I practiced my ass off. Some of these girls don’t seem to understand this. Instead of whining or worrying that they are getting called hot or fat, fuckin SHOW that the sponsorship is deserved by placing well in the tournament. By giving them a platform to whine about it, its only making it worse for them too (because, if they don’t have the results to back up why they are sponsored, then everyone will still believe they are marketing gimmicks and treat them as such instead of serious gamers).

While I don’t deny that there are these ‘gender issues’ in gaming, they existed long before games and the internet is just a platform which exposes it. Although this documentary has overshot its funding goal on kickstarter (meaning, it will be made), if you do decide to watch it, please keep in mind that not all females think this way, and some understand that it’s just kids talking crap. If only the NSA could also understand this and not record EVERYTHING so that it’ll come back and bite these kids in the ass when they finally hit puberty.

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  1. AngriestCat says:

    Haha bite em in da ass. Nice article, post more shit! There are no badass gurls like you hahaha, only in invicta mma!

    Its all just talks most guys love girls playing and competing and all dat even if they talk trash.

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