Strenx apologizes

Following the interview I released with Kevin “Strenx” Baeza, the responses have been explosive. Not expecting to cause such turmoil, Strenx would like to say the following:

First of all, I would like to apologize. The interview was made at 2 – 3 am. I had just got home from a party and I didn’t know what I was saying. Normally I wouldn’t be so rude and I aplogize a lot. Everybody is free to do what they want and I didn’t have to say anything. I don’t understand why people didn’t ask themselves ‘why is Strenx so mad, there must be a problem’. Nobody asked themselves ‘how could he write this, he must not have been thinking straight’. Everybody just said ‘he’s a stupid kid’. I can’t blame you guys for thinking this, that’s normal. But I apologize for everything. To DaHanG, I hope you like it that I think you’re Buzz Lightyear.

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  1. brumu says:

    don't take these things too serious, you're not in politics, it's just some online nerds ;). You behave very immature, but that will change after you start to become more conscious of yourself and your surroundings. 2bad of your failed games, next time better :)!

  2. pffff says:

    pfff… cry me a river.

  3. rebound says:

    If I were any of the individuals that felt insulted by strenx's insensitive and downright offensive comments, I'd be looking at this apology going, "What the fuck is this, then?"

    If I were any of them, I wouldn't accept this. He literally comes right out and says, "I'm sorry; I was tired/drunk/didn't know what I was doing." After a solid majority of your interview was bashing on people for making excuses? If I were strenx, this is what I would have (and what he SHOULD have) said:

    "I apologize for my comments made in my interview. Regardless of any circumstances, I am old enough that I should know when something is inappropriate, or can be construed as being offensive or insulting. I make no excuses; I should have known better."

    Saying something like that would return a lot of the respect he's lost within the QL community, and the greater competitive community at large.

  4. lalalalala says:

    Server passwored GTFO!

  5. evildos says:

    Forgive him, "he was so hangover"…

  6. mrgreen_ says:

    "To DaHanG, I hope you like it that I think you’re Buzz Lightyear."

    SOOOOOOOOOO funny! Strenx is my comedic relief!

  7. gasto says:

    the haters would have hated even without the rude way the interview went on.

    in my book strenx gained a lot of respect in the last weeks since iem euro

  8. Slicker says:

    Lol. Strenx is to funny. Seriously, talking shit in video games or anything competitive is normal. I say f them if they can't handle being called a nerd.

  9. becks says:


  10. Liefje says:

    hhahah becks!! had I known he was drunk though, I would have never published it, let alone taken the interview 🙁

  11. Lejionator says:

    As I said before, is a great fool. Say what you want and then come and say sorry? Fuck off. And go again being raped by Cooller.

  12. Brutal says:

    Typical Frenchman.

  13. nex says:

    Umm you do know when you are intoxicated people talk the truth more.

  14. Test says:

    Hi all!


  15. pingal1ty says:

    In this first interview he talks about excuses, and now what is he doing? just making an excuse because people don't like what he said. You suck strenx and you are an hypocritical.

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