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Nice try PornHub

Earlier this week, PornHub tried to raise awareness for breast cancer by giving out free breast exams in New York City on board a ‘boob bus’. Why? Because “PornHub cares about your greatest assets”. Porn star Bree Olson did her part to save breasts by promoting the campaign along with her leather-clad Boob Bus Nurse […]

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A cure for cancer?

In January 2007, Canadian researchers seem to have found a simple and effective cure for some types of cancer – namely lung, brain and breast. I’m only writing about this now as it seems like the hubpages link (here) is going viral through facebook and perhaps people may need further clarification since there isn’t even […]

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The best reason to grow a moustache

To me facial hair has always been a bit of a joke, and very few guys can get away with having it and looking good. But this month is now dubbed as “Movember”, where men are encouraged to grow a moustache for prostate cancer awareness! This is great because i’ve always been a fan of […]

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