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Parents of 6 ban gadgets in their home

In a crazy drastic move a mother of 6 has decided to ban all gadgets from her home when she decided that her kids were spending too much time playing video games. It wasn’t just a one-day change, but the parents did it gradually. First they took away the PC and gaming consoles, they never […]

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The nano UV disinfection wand

Only a month to go until Christmas and most of you will still be searching for the perfect gift for that “OCD” friend. You know, the one who wipes the seat of the train before they sit down. That one that asks you to open the public bathroom door after they’ve washed their hands 20x […]

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Fluffy headphones for winter

I don’t know about you but in winter a huge thing I hate about being outside here in Europe is that my ears really start to freeze! I’m not a huge fan of hats, especially those beanie-type ones that are usually worn in winter. Ear warmers were never really my thing either. They always look […]

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