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Gifts for the nerdy man

With Christmas coming up its always a pain in the ass for me to get gifts for those guys who seem to have everything and don’t care for small things. Well heres a couple of ideas for those who love little gadgets and are potentially into spying. The ipod tie: I guess this is one […]

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Pacman rings for the girly gamer

Pacman has always been a classic icon for gamers around the world. One of the original arcade games, Pacman was released in 1980 and even today is still enjoyed by old and young folk everywhere. These rings could be the perfect Christmas present for any pacman fan, not just girls! I can see some thug […]

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The nano UV disinfection wand

Only a month to go until Christmas and most of you will still be searching for the perfect gift for that “OCD” friend. You know, the one who wipes the seat of the train before they sit down. That one that asks you to open the public bathroom door after they’ve washed their hands 20x […]

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