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Female discrimination online

A few days ago, Kotaku posted about an upcoming launch party for Battlefield 3. What makes this event somewhat striking though is that females are not able to attend. Instead of promoting the event as a “guys night out” or something similar, they claimed that this exclusion of females was an attempt to combat misogyny: […]

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Pay to play games with girls

When noctis sent me a link this morning I couldn’t believe it. IGN have launched a new service called “GameCrush” where you can pay something like $7 to play a game with a girl. This is how it works: Men browse online profiles of women that describe themselves as either “flirty” or “dirty” and select […]

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Mousesports ladies get sexy for Razer

I wasn’t really too sure what to think when I saw the first pics from the Razer photoshoot with the mousesports ladies. My first reaction was “oh great, another exploitation of non-ugly girls in gaming”. But when I looked at some of the photos I have to say that a couple of the girls have […]

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