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Illegal StarCraft gambling in Korea

It seems like April is the “air all the dirty laundry” month, as early this morning I woke to the news of the illegal gambling going on in the Korean StarCraft scene. A few days ago, American StarCraft player Dan ‘Rekrul’ Schreiber started to blow the whistle on illegal betting and match set-ups with an […]

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Man marries a pillow

A Korean man named Lee Jin-gyu fell in love with his dakimakura (basically a giant huggable pillow from Japan) and decided to marry it. Sounds reasonable I guess, I mean pillows are awesome, right? The pillow had an image of “Fate Testarossa” from the “Magical Girl” anime series. ‘He is completely obsessed with this pillow […]

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Why aren’t FPS games popular in Asia?

With the Intel Extreme Masters making their third stop around the world in Taiwan last week, it seems like this Asian event was not getting anywhere near as much attention as the European and American finals. That’s because of the simple reason that the Quake scene in Asia is not known for their skilled players […]

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