TEDx: The Myths of Gaming

So last month I was asked to give a talk at TEDx about gaming.

Besides being so nervous I thought i’d pee my pants, it was a really cool experience. Sadly, (although I understand why) I couldn’t talk about the research I did about morality, since it’s unpublished. Maybe next time I’ll be up there talking about my own research 🙂 A girl can dream!

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  1. BJB says:

    There is a nice article on yahoo abt something related to boys against girls online, specific behavior. What they did not mention is the content of the language itself they should ask you tbh better than conducting those researches. It would spare them some time and give the public relevant info :)))


    • Liefje says:

      Thanks for that link! It’s maybe interesting to do some statistical analysis on behavioural patterns in gaming, but you’re right I don’t agree that stuff like “jumping” should be telling of gender…. Maybe they’re just FPS players that are used to moving around a lot more (strafing) rather than just walking/standing around ;P It’d be nice to have a link to the original research.

      I think language analysis would be awesomely interesting. I’d love to do something like that for twitch streams. I wonder if that kind of data is available / able to be easily logged ;P

  2. PureApeshit says:

    gosh u are obscenely beautiful… write stuff on website, u write good!!! i love reading

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