The Tester: A new gaming reality series

The geniuses at Sony have decided to turn an open job posting for a game tester into an action-packed reality show to be shown on the Playstation Network. They’ve followed in the footsteps of Sir Richard Branson (The Rebel Billionaire) and Donald Trump (The Apprentice) except this time the job they’re rewarding is (in my opinion) totally crap.

For a gamer who enjoys games, to be a tester is something I don’t think that many people would like. You have to be good at writing reports, finding bugs and basically everything else except gaming itself. I think Penny Arcade summed it up best:

It seems like a lot of people know that being a game tester is nothing but an illusion of a cool job, judging from some comments on the announcment on Playstation’s blog:

“I used to test games for Vivendi and it’s not as glamorous as some might think but it is fun to test new unreleased games, the downside being you’ll loathe that game as it’s released. You just need great communication skills to write bug reports and a explorative personality.”

“Game testing is an awful job, trust me. You will hate games and all living things by the time the game ships and the meat grinder is through with you.”

“Game testing isn’t as fun as people think. They have to spend hours upon hours trying to duplicate a glitch that only happened once.”

Haha, enjoy your “prize”!

Also taking a look through the cast list, I see the familiar face of Starslay3r, the chick from the first season of WCG Ultimate Gamer. Lets hope she can get through this show without shagging “just cuddling” with any of the guys in the house that have girlfriends.

Theres also a token guidette!!  I wonder if they’ll put the episodes up online too.

Head on over to “The Tester” website to view the trailer.

What do you think of Playstations new reality show?

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