TV Show turns a Korean Pop star into a pro gamer

Only in Korea!! As the youngest member of Korean boyband SS501, Hyungjun is no stranger to Starcraft. The MBCgame (Starcraft / eSports channel) PD’s decide to have a bit of fun and set him up training to become a progamer.

Now who the heck is SS501? Well that’s also what I wanted to figure out and it’s a delightful K-pop boyband who sing catchy songs (with music videos that take you back to the 90s) like “Love Like This”:

He also is releasing his 2nd solo album and works as a DJ for a daily LIVE 2am radio show in Korea. If that isn’t enough on his plate, he was also voted one of the top 50 voices in Korea… whew!!

On the show, the popstar must overcome many challenges in order to make it as a professional, including obtaining his Korean “Pro Gaming license”. Throughout the season he will be tested through tournament matches.

Normally, these shenanigans would only be available to those of you who are lucky enough to speak Korean but thanks to Team they have subbed the first 2 episodes (and it seems they will sub the whole season!). So if you love this as much as I do, please head on over to Team Liquid and show your appreciation. Also there you can fetch the direct download links for the episodes.

Episode 1: Hyungjun arrives to the MBCgame studio and has a test match against Yooi where he gets ridiculously demolished. Seeking to become a better player, he approaches the MBCgame team, but he must overcome the ‘beast’ manager, Ha Tae-ki, and reluctant temporary coach Shark, where a bribe from Hyungjun may get Shark to accept him.

Episode 2: Watch it for yourself! It’s brilliant!!

Apparently the show is already quite a hit in Korea (well DUH who wouldn’t watch their favourite popstar go pro in starcraft?!) and there is already footage and fan pictures up of his MBC game vs the Korean Airforce Starcraft team. You can find it over at DSP Love.

Now why can’t Europe or America do something this cool? Can all they come up with is “The Tester” and “WCG Ultimate Gamer“? What do you think about Hyung Joon becoming a pro gamer? Do you spell his name Joon or Jun? Leave a comment or tweet your thoughts to @HelloLiefje!

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  1. var1ables says:

    I need more of this show it's hilarious!

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