WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 bitchfight

With the WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2 auditions completed (perhaps they’re still in the selection process, I don’t know), it will still be some time before we are able to know for sure who the contestants will be. Those who did get in will be under NDA until the show starts promotion.

It is public knowledge though that Season 1 contestant Ciji “Starslay3r” Thornton auditioned for the second season. Ex-UT chick (and now Guitar Hero player) Annie “Ecstacy” Leung also auditioned and from her latest blog post, I assume that this beef all started with the latest UG auditions. Ecstacy writes:

This is an infectious problem that needs to be weeded out before it grows root. What I’m talking are people like Ciji who call themselves “multi-genre gamers”. First of all it is a self-named title that mediocre players give themselves to cover up their less than average skills. Second, almost all gamers are multi-genre gamers unless they only have played one game in their life. These people have accomplished nothing more than the average gamer except they are foolish enough to enter into competitions and lose in every one of them.

Meow! The rest of the post goes on about some exchanges that went on between the two. Annie also calls out Ciji on more personal issues such as her appearance which i’m not quite sure has to do with her calling herself a multi-pro gamer or whatever.

Being a progamer sure as hell isn’t about dying your hair every color of the rainbow and being a Hot Topic fanboy. It definitely has nothing to do with tattoos, piercings or colored contacts for that matter. These people are nothing more than posers if they don’t have the skill to back it up.

Click here to read the rest of Annie’s blog “The truth does hurt”.

For those of you unfamiliar with Starslay3r, read her bio here.

I really hope both girls will be on season 2. I could just imagine the drama, although admittedly, what I did seeof season 1, Cijis drama was just a bit too much for me. Sleeping with that dude with the gf, crying about Dante a bunch of things, considering throwing a match to keep her fuckbuddy in the game…. etc.

Anyway, your turn Ciji… you’re not gonna let her get away with that are you?

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