WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2

If any of you guys got to watch the very first season of that craptastic show that was WCG Ultimate Gamer then you’ll be horrified happy to hear that there will most likely be a season 2 for 2010!


Last season featured a gaggle of randoms and one guy who actually played on a professional level from CGS, the ever-entertaining Adande “sWooZie” Thorne. The rest of the cast was some chick called Starslayer who claimed to be a Guitar Hero pro but all I ever saw her do was cry and make drama. Then there were some chicks from the Frag Dolls, some guy with some crazy contacts and a guy who claimed to be the Madden champion of his Fraternity. Made for only entertainment, the network could have at least got a bunch of gamers who have played on a real professional level and know what it takes to reach it if they are going to represent “the olympics of video gaming”. Fatal1ty wasn’t available? He would have been a better choice than some of the people from last season.

Anyway a little birdie told me that Season 2 will feature another CGS ex-pro. This one I might actually watch the episodes for the entertainment and potential hilarity that this player could bring. Can you guess who it could be? 😉

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  1. ZeriouS says:

    Interesting post! I wonder if the kids actually believe the stuff they see in the show ^^

    Greetz, from Essen!

  2. Liefje says:

    Zerious you’re in Essen? Frankfurt?

  3. feardasclowno says:

    Hello Liefje!

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