Why don’t men find fat women attractive?

I guess this question has been plaguing some women but for the life of me I can’t figure out why. If internet porn has taught us anything it’s that men can be attracted toy anything and everything, including two girls eating a cup of shit.

Do men like fat women? Are men shallow because they are attracted to skinny women? In this video, Dan Bacon cuts to the truth of the matter and explains why men don’t find fat women attractive.

Here are the 15 reasons:

1. A fat woman isn’t the entire package that we’re looking for in a woman.
2. A fat woman looks like ‘used goods’.
3. A fat woman makes unattractive sounds during sex.
4. A fat woman lowers a man’s status.
5. A fat woman attracts less-favorable treatment in society.
6. A fat woman’s true physical appearance is hidden.
7. A fat woman is unhealthy.
8. A fat woman will likely pass on her bad habits to the children.
9. A fat woman is missing the most attractive element.
10. A fat woman is ‘heavy-lifting’ in the bedroom.
11. A fat woman requires more food.
12. A fat woman doesn’t have a natural, female form.
13. A fat woman is usually lazy.
14. A fat woman usually has psychological issues.
15. A fat woman looks older than she is.

I can admit that i’m shallow but this takes the cake. This douche can not understand that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I’ve known a lot of men who are really turned off by skinny women and love to have some junk in the trunk.

Well I have 15 reasons why I would like to be fatter:

1. My boobs would get bigger
2. I’d  be warmer in the winter
3. More brands of adult clothing sizes would fit me
4. I’d be stronger (more weight = MORE POWER)
5. I could participate in those “OMG I can’t eat that, it’ll go straight to my thighs” conversations
6. I could eat more than just an appetizer in a restaurant
7. More cushion for the pushin
8. I could take up two seats on a bus and just pay for 1 without looking like a bitch
9. My appearance would match my fitness level
10. The fatter you are, the less wrinkles you have
11. I could eat full portions in a restaurant so I wouldn’t have to reassure the staff that “your food is fine, i’m just full.”
12.  My friends and family will not worry that i’m not eating enough
13. I’ll be less likely to get ill (i’m always catching colds)
14. I’d actually start caring about the nutrition info on food packets
15. My (future) kids would love to hug me cos i’d be soft 🙂

Do any of you agree with this guy? Or does he just sound like a balding idiot?

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  1. sarah says:

    hahah that 1 tickeled me, he got dumped by a big bird didnt he. Hes a big lad himself mind

  2. Liefje says:

    haha yeah, or he's got a secret fetish otherwise he wouldn't know about all those bedroom sounds 😉

  3. agardenchair says:

    That list made me laugh. The male view on what is the perfect "female form" is always changing. In times of dire needs like war times, obese people were a symbol for prosperity. Slightly overweight women were the wifes of their rich husbands etc.

  4. Liefje says:

    Yeah and in some cultures big hips are preferred because they're good for bearing children.

  5. agardenchair says:

    The hippie culture 😀

  6. Philip says:

    They're slow minded usually and not aesthetically pleasing.

    BBW isn't for me~

  7. Sirus John says:

    Yes you have "15 reasons why I would like to be fatter" but all of them are selfish – that is what the man is saying – you are not thinking about what MEN want. If you don't want a man then fine…

    "1. My boobs would get bigger
    2. I’d be warmer in the winter
    3. More brands of adult clothing sizes would fit me
    4. I’d be stronger (more weight = MORE POWER)" etc.

  8. Trevor says:

    Love is nothing to do with pornography or easy options.

  9. Sirus John says:

    The truth hurts doesn't it Leifje?

  10. Liefje says:

    lol @ thinking im fat…

  11. Tory says:

    Isn't it entertaining when we usually talk about topics like this.

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