Woman loses 50kg from Wii Fit

When Lara Roberts was weighing in at over 114kg she decided to do something about it. Emabrassed to work out in public by going to the gym or jogging, instead she bought Wii Fit and managed to lose a whopping 50kg!


“While on holiday in Lanzarote, the family went on a camel ride but I refused – I was scared the poor camel wouldn’t be able to get up.”

“And I used to cringe when my husband Steve touched me, I felt horribly self-conscious and used to get breathless in bed from exertion.”


Of course, the weight wasn’t lost just through Wii Fit, Lara also cut out all the “comfort” foods she was eating. “I’ve become a real exhibitionist,” she laughs. “And the best thing is the improvement in my sex life.”

“As far as I’m concerned the Wii Fit saved my life.”

Take note those of you who love gaming / computers but wish to get fit! If Wii Fit isn’t up your avenue, you could always just build yourself one of these.

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