Woman wants plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba

A Chinese woman who identifies herself as Xiaoqing will undergo surgery to look like Jessica Alba. That’s not all of the craziness of this story. She wanted the surgery in the first place in order to win back her ex-boyfriend.

They had been dating for 1.5 years and from the get-go, it this guy was dangerously obsessed with Alba. He plastered her pictures all over the walls, had pictures of her on his cellphone and did his best to morph his insecure girlfriend into a mirror image of the actress.

The man demanded 21-year old Xiaoqing do her make-up as Alba does  (even when she slept) and gave her a blonde wig for Christmas, which he asked her to wear all the time.

How in the world could she break it off with such a gem? She told a Chinese newspaper they broke up last month when she threw her wig and fake eyelashes to the ground after people laughed at her.

But afterwards, she said she reconsidered:

“I love him very much…. that’s why I always followed his opinions. I don’t want to lose him,”

She got the idea to get plastic surgery after she wasn’t “getting over” her ex. Her friends must have been sick of her bitching because it was them who recommended she get the surgery.

The news of this surgery caught wind because of a video posted on Youtube:

Word of the crazy woman actually reached the actress Jessica Alba, who was less than flattered with the news. According to the NY Daily News, Alba responded saying:

“I think you should never have to change yourself like that, If somebody loves you, they’ll love you no matter what.”

This is just insanity, Xiaoqing is already a very pretty girl and she isn’t thinking about the consequences of such surgery. Can’t she just open up a magazine and learn from people like:


Heidi Montag

Donatella Versace (via wireimage.com)

And most importantly, Jocelyn Wildenstein?

Wildenstein ended up this way from numerous procedures she made in order to keep “youthful looking” for her husband.

Another gross part to this story is that a plastic surgery clinic in Shanghai offered to do the work for free in order to “showcase their skills”.

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  1. Thank you very much for that excellent article

  2. rena says:

    jessica is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful face in the world, and for me i will trade everything just to have that face. even if i should take the risk of having cosmetic surgery

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